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USDA Choice Brisket Butchers 1st Cut (KFP)

$14.99 /lbEstimated Total: $74.95

Kosher for Passover. Super succulent boneless beef cut with little fat.

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Home Cook's Recommendation

When it comes to cooking, you can braise or smoke this cut of beef to really bring out the best flavors. And if you’re looking for a tasty rub or sauce to add to the mix, the sky’s the limit! Once you’ve cooked your brisket to perfection, let your brisket rest for a bit before cutting off any excess fat from the top and bottom. Once you’ve found the direction of the grain, you’ll want to cut perpendicular to it to ensure clean and even slices. And don’t forget to adjust your cutting angle as you get closer to the point section!

Side Pairing

We tend to serve this beautiful cut of meat on Shabbos and Yom Tov, so when considering sides, we think about our favorite salatim, kugels, and roasted vegetables.

Beverage Pairing

Definitely serve this cut of meat with a nice red wine.