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Chicken Drumsticks (KFP)

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8 Pack

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Who doesn’t like a good polky? These tender morsels of dark meat are a juicy and satisfying addition to any meal, and a kiddy crowd pleaser!

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3-5 lbs.

Home Cook's Recommendation

Whether you prefer to bake, air fry, or grill your drumsticks, there are plenty of simple and delicious recipes to try. We’re partial to the quick and easy recipes, like ones that call for slathering them in duck or barbeque sauce.

Side Pairing

If you wrap a polky in a napkin and hand it to a child, chances are they won’t want anything else on the table. But for the rest of the family, really most sides will do, from roasted vegetables, to rice, to baked potatoes.

Beverage Pairing

Set the table with a refreshing pitcher of water, lemonade, or iced tea, or add some bubbles to your meal with a fizzy drink like beer, cider, or sparkling wine.