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Ready-to-Serve Seder Box


The ultimate hassle-free Pesach seuda meal kit, featuring chef-prepared marinated and pre-cooked meat and chicken dishes that are ready to heat and serve in just 20 minutes.


8 servings Delmonico Chuck Eye in Gravy
8 servings Date Honey Smoked Brisket
6 servings Bone-In Silan Chicken
6 servings Mediterranean Boneless Chicken Fillets
6 servings Pesach Panko Crispy Schnitzel
+ Shipping (approx. $70)

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This Pesach, free yourself from hours of prep and indulge in the ultimate hassle-free yom tov with Prime Nosh’s Ready-to-Serve Seder Box. Each item comes vacuum-sealed in exquisite stocks and sauces, ensuring that your dishes are bursting with flavor and freshness. A quick thaw, a little heat, and your seuda will be ready to serve, leaving you with plenty of time to relax and enjoy your family and company. With bold flavors like honey-smoked brisket and Mediterranean chicken fillets, this box is the perfect way to make this Passover truly unforgettable.
In total, this box makes 32 servings for under $20 each – all ready in under 20 minutes!

Delmonico Chuck Eye Roast

This tender, juicy beef roast is cooked to perfection and served with a rich beef jus gravy that will have your guests begging for more.

Date Honey Smoked Brisket

Our signature brisket is slow-smoked and infused with a sweet kick of date honey. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory and will melt in your mouth with each delicious bite.

Bone-In Silan Chicken

We can’t help it: we are fully in love with the tender, moist texture of this chicken paired with the rich, bold flavors of our silan marinade. This unique harmony just can’t be beat.

Mediterranean Boneless Chicken Fillets

These flavorful boneless chicken fillets are marinated in a delicious blend of Mediterranean seasonings, bursting with bold and bright flavors. The chicken is the perfect canvas for these fresh and tangy spices.

Pesach Panko Crispy Schnitzel

Who said Schnitzel wasn’t a Pesach food? Enjoy these crispy, tender chicken breast fillets with zero prep and hassle! Just thaw slightly and flash fry, and within minutes you’ll have golden perfection!

NOTE: All items are available for sale individually on the site.

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