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Choosing Kosher

Embracing Exceptional Quality

More Than Just a Jewish Tradition

Kosher is often associated with Jewish dietary laws, but its benefits go far beyond religious observance. Of the meat slaughtered for kosher use, only 20% of beef and around 12.5%-14% of chicken in the US meet the standards of health and quality to be labeled kosher. For this reason, kosher has become an indication of exceptional quality and a healthier lifestyle that anyone can embrace.

Healthier Animals, Healthier You

Jewish law requires that animals be healthy and free from any defects or diseases before they can be considered kosher. When choosing kosher, you’re guaranteed to consume only the finest, healthiest meats.

Nutritious Feed for a Superior Taste

The quality of an animal’s feed plays a significant role in the taste, texture, and nutritional value of the meat it produces. Kosher guidelines stipulate that animals should be fed a clean, natural diet free from harmful additives. Dedication to these principles ensures that our meats not only taste great but also provide the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A Humane Approach to Animal Welfare

Judaism emphasizes treating animals with compassion and respect. This includes ensuring that animals are raised in comfortable conditions and slaughtered as humanely as possible.

Join the Kosher Movement!

We believe it’s time to share the benefits of kosher with a wider audience. Kosher is increasingly the choice of individuals who are interested in making conscientious food choices.

When you choose Prime Nosh, you're not just opting for a higher standard of quality, health, and ethical responsibility.

Understanding the Styles of Kosher Slaughter

A look at the distinctions in methods and their significance

Kosher slaughter, or shechita, is an essential part of Jewish dietary laws that ensures the humane treatment of animals and the consumption of the highest quality meat. There are several styles of kosher slaughter, including Lubavitch Shechita, Chassidishe Shechita, and Beit Yosef. Each method has unique characteristics and requirements, emphasizing different aspects of the kosher process.

Lubavitch Shechita: A Distinct Chassidic Approach

Lubavitch Shechita is a form of Chassidic kosher slaughter that specifically adheres to the customs and practices of the Lubavitch community.

A Lubavitch shochet is expected to adhere to a strict daily routine, including studying Tanya (a foundational text of Chabad philosophy) and specific laws of kosher slaughter in the morning, visiting the Mikvah (ritual bath) for purification, and davening (praying) at sunrise before beginning their day of shechita.

Chassidishe Shechita: Emphasis on the Shochet’s Preparation

Chassidishe Shechita is another form of Chassidic kosher slaughter focusing on the shochet’s preparation and spiritual purity. Like Lubavitch shochets, Chassidishe shochets are required to visit the Mikvah for purification, either upon waking or after davening.

The main distinction between Lubavitch and Chassidishe Shechita lies in the specific Chassidic customs and traditions each group follows, which may vary slightly in their daily routines and practices.

Beit Yosef: Strict Adherence to the Highest Standards of Kashrut

Beit Yosef is a kosher slaughter method that emphasizes the strictest adherence to the laws of kashrut regarding the physical condition and inspection of the animal.

While the shochet must be Sabbath observant, observe kashrut, and be a Yarei Shomayim (God-fearing), the primary focus of Beit Yosef is the thorough examination of the animal for any bruising, discoloration, or other imperfections.

Glatt Kosher: A Commitment to Excellence

At Prime Nosh, we have chosen to offer Glatt Kosher products, which represent the highest standards in kosher meat. Glatt Kosher signifies, among other standards, that the meat comes from animals with smooth, defect-free lungs, ensuring the highest quality and adherence to kosher laws. By offering Glatt Kosher, we aim to provide not only the Jewish community but everyone with better, safer, and more ethically sourced meat.

Whichever form of shechita you choose from our site, you are assured that our commitment is to excellence because better meat makes better meals.