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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    About Our Grass-Fed Meats

    Will my meat arrive fresh or frozen?

    Your order will arrive refrigerated or frozen. If your meat is frozen, it will still be fresher than most meats available in supermarkets today since we freeze our meat immediately. Our process seals in the flavors, which is why so many professional chefs prefer our products over others on the market.

    Should I cook grass-fed meat differently?

    Virtually all foodies agree that grass-fed meats taste far better than meat that comes from animals that were raised primarily on grains such as corn. So, even though you are welcome to cook the meat according to your usual recipes, you will likely find that you don’t need to add a lot of extra flavors or sauces. Most home chefs find that their grass-fed meat is bursting with flavor, so they end up simply seasoning with salt, pepper, and oil. If you are cooking the dark meat of grass-fed poultry, you may need to add extra liquids and cook for a bit more time than you would with conventional meats.

    Are all meats kosher for Passover?

    Every day of the year, of our raw Beef, Poultry, and Fish are kosher for Passover, with no further marks on the package.

    Is Prime Nosh meat "organic"?

    Our meat is more than just organic, it’s also free-range, grass-fed, and non-GMO. “Organic” simply means that the meat comes from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. We do more than provide you with quality meats. We also provide our animals with natural lifestyles in the fresh air and treat them ethically.

    Why are your cattle fed grain before slaughter?

    The addition of grain before slaughter is a time-honored tradition. Over the last few months before slaughter, our animals are gradually offered more grain as part of their diets. However, the grain never comprises more than 50% of their diets, and the rest of their food consists of hay and fresh grass. They are never offered animal byproducts, so their diet is 100% vegetarian.

    The addition of grain helps the finished product become more tender and flavorful. It also helps us deliver premium products to you at competitive prices. Nevertheless, we never compromise by dosing the animals with growth hormones or by giving them routine doses of antibiotics.

    Our animals are healthy and treated well. Our finishing yards are clean, with plenty of room for the animals to move around naturally. These standards give rise to our particularly high kosher rates and particularly low occurrence of disease.

    Is the cattle feed non-GMO?

    Although we do encourage our farmers to use GMO-free feed whenever possible, it is sometimes unavoidable due to shortages. Nevertheless, pasture grasses are available to the cattle at all times. If GMO products are important for you to avoid, we urge you to try our grass-fed poultry.

    Do you sell prepared foods?

    Even though the majority of our products are frozen raw meat, we do carry a line of fresh deli meats such as corned beef, smoked pastrami, and 100% beef hot dogs.

    Ordering & Product Details

    What are my delivery options?

    Please see our Delivery & Shipping page for more information.

    Can I make changes to my order after placing it?

    We will do our best to accommodate your changes after placing an order. Nevertheless, if we have already started preparing your items for delivery, this may prove difficult.  Feel free to text us or email us to make changes to your order, subject to limitations based on time and product availability. However, you will not be able to change your order by logging in to your account.

    Why are some meats sold in a weight range?

    In order to support a sensible and controllable order fulfillment system, we sell products of variable weights within a weight range. We try to minimize the variation as much as possible.  On average, our customers report receiving the weight they were expecting. Nevertheless, occasionally you will receive slightly more than the listed weight, and occasionally a bit less.

    If you discover that the actual weights in your order are all below the listed average, kindly send us a photo of your package and the weight label. We’ll be more than happy to reimburse you for the difference.

    How much does each piece weigh?

    Since meat is a natural product, there may be a small variation between the weights of each pack. Nevertheless, we do our utmost to keep each package the same size as the standard weight.

    My vacuum package arrived with a small puncture. Is the meat still good?

    Your meat is still perfectly good and safe to eat. Small punctures might occur during the shipping and delivery process due to sharp bones or difficulties during transport. Also, the plastic packaging can become brittle and susceptible to breakage during transportation. If your package arrives with a small puncture, take caution during the defrost stage to contain possible drips.