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Our Kosher Certifications

Every cut of meat you buy from us meets our high standards of Kashrut, freshness, quality, and ethical sourcing. We are Glatt Kosher certified under the OK and the Va’ad HaKashrus of las Vegas. We also offer Hassidche Shechita, Lubavitch Shechita, and Beit Yosef on certain items. See each product page for the specific shechita (ritual slaughter oversight) it is available in.

Kosher With a Conscience

We carefully manage the entire process from farm to table, ensuring that we bring you only the highest quality cuts of beef and poultry. When it comes to our pre-seasoned options, we source our spices from around the world, upholding strict recipe standards to ensure that we bring you only the most flavorful, authentic seasonings.

We believe in doing what’s right and take pride in our ethical practices because we believe kosher is more than just a means of slaughtering and preparing meat. It is an expectation we hold ourselves to be and provide “better” in every conceivable way.

And while we cater to those who keep kosher, we’ve found that our products appeal to clients of all dietary backgrounds.

The Secret to Freshness

Because kosher meat is rarely slaughtered in the same place it is sold, all kosher meat arrives at stores and butcher shops frozen. However, not all freezing systems are the same or preserve actual freshness.

Our meat goes through a blast-freezing system right after a post-schitah (slaughter) inspection. We blast freeze it at -45℉, preserving it at peak freshness. This guarantees that when you thaw out Prime Nosh meat, you’re thawing out meat that is at most a week old. It’s at the perfect aging point, and it’s as fresh as frozen can possibly be.

Va'ad HaKashrus of Las Vegas Certificate for Prime Nosh