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Our Story

How Our Story Began

The story of Prime Nosh starts with the family. Our Prime Nosh family has been in the Kosher butcher and restaurant business going back many generations.

With such vast experience, we quickly realized that the meat delivered to our restaurants, not only lacked quality, but would even turn black within a day.

So we asked ourselves this simple question, “Why was basic supermarket meat so much better than what a Kosher restaurant could offer?”

Growing & Learning

We were able to answer our simple question, based on our relationships within the National Kosher distribution business. Due to the relatively small Jewish communities on the West Coast, our great cities would always get the leftovers.

After passing though five or six different distributors, staying months in warehouse freezers, Kosher Meat was being delivered to the West Coast – LAST!

The freshest kosher meat started from New York…

… If it wasn’t sold there, it went to New Jersey…

… If it wasn’t sold there, it went to Baltimore…

… If it wasn’t sold there, it could go either to Chicago or Florida…

… If it wasn’t sold there, then maybe Texas got lucky and got it…

… If it wasn’t sold there, then a distributor in California would get their hands on it…

…And finally, whatever leftovers that weren’t sold there would be sent to the smaller communities like Las Vegas or Phoenix…

Understanding the Impact

Kosher meat was sitting in storage for extended periods of time. In some cases, a distributor would give us Kosher meat after it was frozen in a warehouse for up to three years. Needless to say, the quality was bad, and we were extremely disappointed.

And that’s just the quality problem. Even worse was the price. Each distributor along the inventory chain had another warehouse and another markup. By the time the meat finally landed on the west coast, Jewish communities were forced to spend 30% to 40% more on Kosher meat than communities on the East coast had to spend.

At every step, the distributors kept the best products and passed along their worst, after adding on their markup, of course. The lowest tier at the highest price, we called it.

The status quo was no longer acceptable. We had to change it. So, we did.

Changing the Status Quo

We expanded our operations and created Prime NoshWe made it our mission to provide the highest quality Kosher meat in America to families on the West coast at the best price possible.

We started looking for a way to cut out all the middlemen, so we began the process of becoming USDA-Grade certified. This is a federal government certification that allows us to process meat on a commercial scale.

We took all the difficult steps to license Prime Nosh as a USDA Grade Kosher food manufacturer and commercial butcher. Consequently, we could finally buy direct from the slaughterhouses and overcome the multiple middlemen.

Not only have we drastically reduced the amount of time our meat spends in warehouses, not only could we offer extremely fresh Kosher meat to the West coast — we could also get a drastic reduction in price to pass along to families.